Icelandic Inspiration

We visited Reykjavik in December 2016. It has always been a bucket list destination for me and I wanted to take my husband away on a surprise visit for his birthday.  We didn’t see the Northern Lights due to the weather but we loved exploring the city, even though it was snowy and very dark! We only got about 4 hours of daylight every day but that kind of added to the fun.

You can see above the harbour and the Harpa building, which I loved and found a very inspiring space.

Inside the Harpa we visited the Bjork Digital exhibition which was amazing. I adore Bjork and saw her live last year and was blown away. We experienced music from her latest album, Vulnicura in increasing depths of 3D immersion, the tech delighted the husband. I really loved interacting with the music, it was a strange but beautiful experience.

One thing I really like about Reykjavik was the amount of handmade and artisan work you saw in the shop fronts.  I loved the unique designs, very much influenced by the environment.  You could also watch some jewellers at work which was fascinating. All the shops were brightly lit with lots of stars for Christmas and everyone we encountered was so pleasant and eager to talk about their work.

Watch battery decoration!

We also visited the Reykjavik 871 Settlement Exhibition, as a former archaeological scientist I really enjoyed this.  This was a lovely piece of very early Icelandic jewellery. I really recommend this museum as the site itself is in situ with a great use of digital imagery to really help you to understand what the site would have been like.

I think my favourite and most relaxing bit was our visit to the Blue Lagoon, it was just what we needed after a hectic year for us both. Recharging my batteries here, has got me reinvigorated and ready for what looks like another exciting year ahead.   I have come away from Iceland with loads of great ideas, that I can’t wait to get making.

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