I originally trained as an archaeological scientist and specialised in ancient metallurgy. I then went on to become a chemistry teacher and continued my love of metal and setting things on fire that way!

I did a silver smithing course and made all the jewellery for me and my bridesmaids at my wedding and my husband’s wedding ring.

Then I found out about silver clay which completely fascinated me both chemically and in the effects you could create. The first time my little blowtorch turned a piece of clay into 99.9% fine silver, I was amazed and felt like an alchemist from the Middle Ages!

I started experimenting and friends and family loved my designs. With their encouragement, I then started to sell my creations at local craft fairs and online.

I really love making one of a kind bespoke pieces from natural objects and from fabrics, wedding dress jewellery being a specialism and love of mine.

I love to try new things and enjoy a challenge, if there is something special you would like me to create for you please ask, you will make my day. Thanks for dropping by 🙂